1. Postpartum Management of Central Giant Cell Granuloma: A Case Report and Review of Literature

    Prajwalit Prakash Kende, Vikas Sukhadeo Meshram, Monali Ghodke Patil, Ayushi Tarun Shah
    [ Abstract ] [ PDF ]​
    • Article Type: Case Report
    • DOI: 10.17354/cr/2017/290
    • Pages (1-4)
  2. Disseminated Blastomycosis in a Local Farmer from Himachal Pradesh, North India: A Diagnostic Dilemma

    Anuradha Sharma, Digvijay Singh, Mudita Gupta
    [ Abstract ] [ PDF ]​
    • Article Type: Case Report
    • DOI: 10.17354/cr/2017/291
    • Pages (5-7)
  3. Early Childhood Oral Health Impact Scale (ECOHIS) and the Scale of Oral Health Outcomes-5 (SOHO-5) in Assessment of Oral Health Related Quality of Life (OHRQoL): An Overview

    Haifaa Serhan Mohammed AlQabbani
    [ Abstract ] [ PDF ]​
    • Article Type: Review
    • DOI: 10.17354/cr/2017/293
    • Pages (12015)


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